• We would like to announce that the Dension Gateway Pro BT, Gateway 500S and Gateway 500S BT devices are being produced with the latest 0062 firmware version.

    Our DAB+G is available again with new DAB module, also supported by the latest update! DAB+G devices produced after W/Y 14/17 are compatible with our Gateway devices if their firmware version is up to 0062 or newer.

    The firmware is now also available on the support and product section of our website: CLICK HERE

  • We decided to create a simple and easy-to-use surface where you can access our full compatibility database. On the website you can search our database without boundaries. Now it became possible to find a solution for a specific car or check how many car brands and head units are compatible with an exact product or product version. After setting your specifications click on the list to see the picture of the head unit and all the notes relevant in case of the selected compatibility.

  • ​We have new compatibilities for our DAB+U device which provides a fully integrated DAB experience in your car. We have already developed over 60 configurations, each providing newer and newer compatibilities. This month we have launched new configurations for Dodge | Ford | Jaguar | Jeep | Opel | Subaru | Toyota | Volvo

    For compatibility check our free-to-access website at - just set the filters according to your preferences then input ‘DAB+U’ under the ‘Product group’ tab and you have all the matches listed.

    By clicking HERE you can check our updated compatibility catalogue and the configuration files are available through this LINK. Our online database is up-to-date and checked on weekly basis giving you the opportunity to stay informed about our new compatibilities.

  • We are now introducing the Dension Compact BT device, our newest built-in hands free kit with Bluetooth connection that will be surely a convenient and smart choice for anyone seeking comfort and entertainment in their car equipped with FM radio or AUX input.

    Check its features and specifications by clicking HERE. For the better understanding we also prepared a YouTube video with English subtitles which explains the device usage and installation step by step HERE.

    Connect the Dension Compact BT to your car audio system and feel the difference!

  • We’ve uploaded instructional videos onto our YouTube channel about our DAB+U product. The videos cover up instructions regarding the installation of DAB+U into the car, information about its usage with the factory head unit and also details concerning configuration, compatibility and firmware update.


    The DAB+U Digital Radio Receiver is a USB powered solution for receiving Digital Audio Broadcast in your car. Controlled through the car’s USB menu and the buttons of the head unit, it offers a convenient and easy usage for everyone. It is important to mention that each USB vary by car. In order to get optimal performance of buffering time and live streaming updating configuration file of DAB+U device might be needed. Since the different configurations are inevitable we created these videos to help you when guidance is needed.

    For more information on the product please check the following link:

    In the future we plan on adding new videos to our channel on monthly basis, so if you are interested in 'installation' and 'how to use' videos, we kindly suggest you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


  • We’ve conducted major updates to our website which now better shows the field of technologies that are incorporated within our organization. On this new landing site you can get more information on our company, its history, its values and we’ll be providing news about new products and releases.

    Discover our full product portfolio, contact us online and visit our webshop, all in multiple languages.