Dension has launched BMW Video in Motion Enabler Tool

1st August 2011, Dension expanded its in-car video solutions range by launching Video in Motion enabler tool for BMW F series cars.

Until now you were able to watch video in your F series BMW only on a condition when the vehicle was not moving. At Dension we know the needs of the passengers very well therefore we bring customized solutions for them.

Playing video contents in the car might ensure a peaceful and safe driving by entertaining the passengers, especially when there are children traveling with you.

The Dension in-car video solution range has now been expanded with a new, exclusive product called Video in Motion enabler tool. This is a BMW specific solution allowing the owners to play video contents while driving through the original car radio.

After installing this smart utility tool in the MOST optical ring of the car it starts fuctioning immediately without any further activation process.

About Dension
Dension Audio Systems is a world leading manufacturer of fully integrated in-car entertainment systems producing high quality products and solutions for your car as well as for public transport vehicles.
Dension’s entertainment solutions ensure the connection of digital data sources like iPhone, iPod, USB, any Bluetooth capable phone or internet radio to the original car stereo without changing the car interior.