Dension Audio Systems Ltd. has ceased the production and distribution of the Webradio (IRD10GEN) and Webradio FM (IRF10GEN) products.

A brand new way to listen to Internet Radio

Dension Webradio heralds a revolution in the way we listen to online broadcasting. The Webradio is about the size of an average USB stick, but will combine with a 3G capable phone (via Bluetooth) or a 3G USB modem (pluged in the Webradio) to stream internet radio directly into your original car radio system.

Set Up

Dension is working close with TuneIn to provide access to Internet Radio. You simply log on to https://tunein.com/account/signup/ and register your Webradio as a device.

For registration please follow these steps:
1. Sign in to Tune In
2. If you are not registered, please create an account
3. Go to 'My Info'
4. Select 'Devices'
5. Add your registration number and click on 'Add'
6. Add the preferred Preset stations using the Tune In database

You can add any MP3 or WMA format internet radio station to the playlist on the dongle. Plug the Webradio into the USB port on your car or home system and pair it with your Buetooth 3G phone or connect a 3G USB modem. Your playlists will now download, and you then disconnect and reconnect the Webradio to activate new playlists.

If you use a 3G USB modem for internet connection, you have to configure the Webradio with the new 2.0 version of the Webradio Utility (available separately for Windows and Mac OS). All you have to do is plug in the Webradio to the USB port of your computer with an Internet connection, and select your network provider.


Each station will appear on your car or home system as an MP3 file. You can browse, select and listen to the stations as if they were normal MP3 music files. The name of the station will in most cases (depending on the vehicle) be displayed in the radio display.

To find tested 3G USB modems, click the compatibility tab above.

You need to have Firmware 2.0 to support WMA format and 3G USB modem.

How it works

The Webradio takes the internet connection from 3G phone that has to get connected via Bluetooth as a modem (Bluetooth tethering) or it can host a 3G USB modem for internet connection.

The Webradio then connects to the servers of TuneIn, where the personal choice of internet radio stations can be selected and this selection is then stored. The sotred list is sent to the Webradio, to provide a basis of selection and reference on the whereabouts of the internet radio stations. This list is presented over the USB connector the same way as mp3 files are presented from an USB mass storage.

When an item is selected, the Webradio connects to the corresponding internet radio station and then starts streaming the music over its internet connection. The music is presented to the car in mp3 format such way, that a player capable of handling mp3 files is able to play back the audio signal.

To read the Webradio FAQ click here.



Tested 3G USB modems

The Webradio has been tested with the following 3G USB modems. Other USB modems are continuously being tested and will be added regularly.


Device name

Provider brand name






Vodafone K3520









T-Mobile Mobile Broadband Stick V













T-Mobile web'n'walk Stick V



Vodafone Mobile Connect


Windows utility
application/pdf iconUtility for Windows 3.2
MAC utility
application/pdf iconUtility for MAC 3.2
application/pdf iconWebradio Firmware 2.0

Contains update file and the step by step instructions on how to update.

User guide
application/pdf iconWebradio 2.0 user guide
application/pdf iconWebradio user guide

From 20.05.2010