Audi Gateway MMI3 enabler tool and interface


Previously car audio interfaces could not support the latest versions of the Audi MMI3 controller unit in the high profile Audis. If the AMI function of your Audi MMI3 car radio has not been activated in the factory you did not have the opportunity to connect portable audio devices to the car audio or it was very expensive.

Dension always finds out solutions for all clients and this time we have something especially for Audi MMi3 owners: the Dension Gateway MMI3 enabler tool. The Dension Gateway MMI3 enabler tool and interface activates the AMI function of those Audi MMI3 car radios that has been disabled by default.

It comes with a car multimedia adapter that offers the same functions as the factory audio multimedia interface but costs way less. So after installing Dension Gateway MMI3 you can connect, charge and even control your iPod, iPhone or USB device using the original MMI surface


The tool is developed to give the same functions as the original AMI interface. It allows you to:

  • connect portable audio devices to the original Audi MMI3 car radio
  • listen to iPod, iPhone, USB music through the car speakers in excellent sound quality
  • see all media information and device menus on the car displays
  • browse and select songs or folders using the MMI controller or the steering wheel controls
  • browse your phonebook and make handsfree calls using the MMI controller or the steering wheel controls
  • retain the look and feel of the car interior

Package contents:

  • instruction manual
  • Gateway device
  • GEN enabler*
  • Cable with Rosemberger and Quadlock-sub
  • connection
  • iPod cable
  • Specific connector port

* Once the Gateway MMI3 Enabler Tool is utilized in that case the Enabler will be registered/dedicated to that vehicle only, which means it cannot be used in any other vehicle.

How it works

Dension Gateway MMI3 enabler tool and interface not only allows iPod / iPhone and USB connectivity but provides full control on the MMI display via MMI controllers exactly the same way as the original AMI works.

You can select the music source for playback in the Source menu. In order to access it press CD / Media then select source from the Menu. This can be:

  • iPod: the playback is controlled from the radio (the iPod controls are disabled)
  • USB: the playback is controlled from the radio

Depending on the selected device you can have different browsing options:

  • Folders, playlist for USB only
  • Playlist, Artists, Albums, Track, Podcast, Genres, Composers, Audiobooks for iPod only

MMI’s Enter function clicks into or down the menu or plays the track once a track list is chosen. Return tab allows the user to navigate out or up a menu, much like the Menu button on the iPod. (The Dension Audi Gateway MMI3 also charges the iPod / iPhone battery as long as it is connected)


To have an access to all the functions you need to connect the GEN enabler tool to the ODB port while the ignition is turned on. Select the hidden ‘green’ menu and enable the AMI function you would like to use. As a final step just install the Gateway device.



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