iCon Drive


iCon Drive from Dension is a vehicle-specific interface allowing you to have exactly the same iPod Music menu structure and control options on your Radio screen as on your iPod touch or iPhone. It emulates an external video source and connects directly to the car ’s entertainment system.


  • Same menu structure as on the iPod touch and iPhone
  • Cover Art (if available) and id3 tags displayed on the Radio screen
  • Video playback from iPod Touch and iPhone
  • iConDrive also offers Bluetooth connectivity for handsfree mobile call handling
  • Phone can be controlled from the radio or steering wheel controls
  • Phonebook and call history support (iPhone only)
  • Caller picture can be displayed as well
  • SMS or Facebook message notifications will be displayed on the car display
  • This hard wired solution delivers excellent audio quality and safe control of your player from the vehicle’s entertainment system controls
  • Additional video input which lets you to connect DVD-player or a rearview camera



  • TV Tuner function and VIM (video in motion) must be activated (GEN enabler is part of the product package)

How it works

The Dension iCon Drive connects external sources to your car's entertainment system display, so you can watch iPod/iPhone videos or browse music content including album cover art and phonebook pictures.


Package contents:

  • iCon Drive device
  • optical connection kit
  • car side harness
  • GEN enabler
  • iPod dock cable
  • microphone
  • RCA cable
  • connector port
  • install and user manuals



  • iPod touch 2nd, 3rd and 4th
  • iPhone, iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4/4S

Car Compatibility

Part No.ModelHead UnitModel Year

Audi A6




BMW 1, 3, 5, 6 & X5

I-Drive Professional
(CCC, 8.8”, dual slot)



  • TV Tuner function and VIM (video in motion) must be activated (GEN enabler is part of the product package)