Bluetooth Handsfree Kits

Gateway Lite BT - GBL3xxx Gateway Lite BT

The Dension Gateway Lite BT adapter offers complete iPod and iPhone integration to your factory fitted stereo. Simply connect the Gateway harness to the CD Changer socket on the back of your car stereo and prepare yourself for unlimited use of your iPod whenever you want and whereever you’re going. Or if you want to stream your music from your phone over A2DP - voila!

Gateway Pro BT The Dension Gateway Pro BT

Bluetooth handsfree, iPod, iPhone, mobile phone and USB music playback with the Dension Gateway Pro BT all-in-one interface.

Gateway 500S BT (GW52xxx) GW52xxx

Need a handsfree kit in your car? Want to listen to hours (days) of uninterrupted music? Have a smartphone and want to use it in the car? iPod integration? We have it all. The Gateway 500S BT is the perfect match for MOST™ fiber optic systems. Available in both Single-FOT and Dual-FOT (for CD-Changer equipped cars) versions.

iCon Drive

iCon Drive from Dension is a vehicle-specific interface allowing you to have exactly the same iPod Music menu structure and control options on your Radio screen as on your iPod touch or iPhone.

Audi Gateway MMI3 enabler tool and interface MMI3 enabler Audi sceen

The Dension Gateway MMI3 enabler tool and interface activates the AMI function of those Audi MMI3 car radios that has been disabled by default. It comes with a car multimedia adapter that offers the same functions as the factory audio multimedia interface but costs way less.