• The cable is available in two variations: USB-to-Lightning (FLUC1LB) and USB-to-Micro USB (FLUC1MB) connection.
  • The cables connect your device to the Dension Gateway’s USB connector to enable music playback, control and information display (Gateway and head unit specific).
  • The Lightning cable is iOS8 certified an a licensed Apple compatible product
  • Cable Length: 80cm
  • Weight: about 30g
  • Lower power consumption EL technique
  • The charging current is visible
  • The speed of the LED flow alters according to the level of charging current and turns off if there is no charge or data transfer.
  • Functional for both power charge and for data syncing
  • Cable color: Black
  • LED color: Blue
  • Strong, durable cable
  • Can be used with computers or other devices with USB connection