This Dension Lightning cradle easily connects an iPhone 5 up to 11 Pro MAX, with a suitable USB connection in your car. This phone holder can also be connected directly to the Dension Gateway 500S (BT) and Gateway Pro BT. In combination with the Dension Lightning adapter (LIA1GW0), this holder can also be connected to Gateway Lite  (BT) / iGateway / Gateway 300 / Gateway 500 / Gateway 500 Lite MOST.

  • MFi certified sync and charge capable Lightning connector in the cradle
  • Fits iPhone 5 up to iPhone 11 Pro MAX
  • USB connector to plug into the Gateway (or charger)
  • Can be used as a charging holder with a ’Cigar Lighter Charger’
  • The position of the Lightning connector is adjustable to fit any phone thickness or case type.


  • Gateway Pro BT
  • Gateway 500S
  • Gateway 500S BT
  • Blueway

Compatible with any head unit or entertainment system that supports iPhone over USB.

Device compatibility using a Lightning adapter (LIA1GW0):

  • Gateway Lite
  • Gateway Lite BT
  • iGateway
  • Gateway 300
  • Gateway 500 Lite
  • Gateway 500


Lightning cradle unboxing and installation

Optional accessories

USB-power charger


User guide