A stylish mirror - with unique extra features


Admiring ourselves in mirrors comes as naturally to us as breathing. Whether we bask in our magnificence, look for flaws or simply try to make ourselves as perfect as possible we spend a much time looking at our reflections. So why not combine this most mundane human instinct with the realm of infinite  possibilities? In the world of commercials, almost everyone has a selective blindness for ordinary marketing tools. Provide your customers with desired information and targetable messages on a surface they would never expect to get it. Leave a lasting impression with the DENSION SMART MIRROR technology.

  • a complete digital signage solution
  • High brightness screen combined WITH media player & full functional content management system
  • decorative and informative
  • providing information through a non-disturbing way


Why Dension Smart Mirror is the best choice?

  • a mirror wall with a surprise FACTOR
  • easy-fit modular frame system
  • easy to install wall mount
  • available with partition wall tool kit
  • freely scalable to your demand
  • effortless to use /  remotely managed
  • do not need professional IT support
  • wireless content management via 3G or Wi-Fi
  • custom built options
  • built in 42" screen
  • 7/24 operation that meets highest service levels
  • European-based product support for worldwide customers
  • several mounting possibilities
  • no special cleaning needed

Provide your customers, guests with unique content ON A UNIQUE CHANNEL using Dension Smart Mirror technology

Dension digital mirrors are delivereD with a complementary device and content management application, dension's very own sherpa. sherpa is a cloud based service that makes possible to control your  device network, schedule your content and advertisments. dension provides free unlimited  access to all of the users of its digital mirrors. Dension sherpa needs a browser on your pc and requires your mirror to be online.



Dension Smart mirror

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