• We would like to announce the arrival of our DAB application's - the Dension DAB Control - android version. It went live earlier this week, now it is downloadable from the Google Play store or here.

    Please do note that the application as it is compared to the iOS version not perfect yet, but every two weeks there will be an update that will contain bug fixes. Meanwhile any feedback or bug report is welcome! We appreciate your help and also curious how things will work out!

  • We seized the opportunity and visited Panama with our products in July. The Latin American and Caribbean markets are growing fast so we decided to introduce ourselves via this exhibition. Our main focus was on our newest Bluetooth products and solutions for perfect in-car entertainment experience. There were many who were interested in us, amazed by the devices that a small Eastern-Europe country could offer. 

  • The WorldDAB events are perfect opportunities for Dension to showcase its DAB portfolio. Since we expanded our DAB family, it was the first time we could present the new arrivals at one of the WorldDAB exhibitions. This time we visited Munich where we introduced our DAB+A and DAB+M solutions as well. Dension considers direct product testing and demonstration an important matter, that’s why we prepared demo displays so representatives could try out products on the spot! We received great feedbacks, thank you!

  • New firmware release for the Gateway Pro BT, Gateway 500S and Gateway 500S BT devices. The update includes bug fixes and certain changes that will make our production more effective.

    Generic improvements:

    • In some cases sound was not clear during incoming call with Android 7 - FIXED
    • In case of random playback wrong ID3 tag was displayed on the screen - FIXED
    • Programing parameters were changed for faster production

    DAB+G specific improvements:

    • DAB station list was missing after restart - FIXED
    • DAB+G sometimes was not available - FIXED
    • In rare cases Gateway was not available in the menu of the car while the DAB+G was connected – FIXED


    If you need any help or have any related questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team via

  • Based on our previous participations and the soil fact that Dension is an experienced OEM and aftermarket solution provider in the field of automotive electronics and DAB integrations, we were invited to perform at one of the WorldDAB events, more precisely to Ljubljana, Slovenia. We mainly focused on the current state of digital radio broadcasting, challenges and problems regarding in-car solutions and offering help from our side by presenting the Dension DAB family. Although the event originally was addressed as a meeting point for broadcasters, thanks to our presentation we received great interest and feedbacks in regards of our products.

  • We would like to inform you about our latest compatibility news: we made the DAB+U compatible with our Gateway 300 device! Now it’s possible to offer digital radio together with our USB and iPod integration for older cars which do not have factory USB input.


    This means 277 new compatibility for DAB+U including car brands like

    Audi | BMW | Citroën | Mini | Opel | Peugeot | Seat | Škoda | Volkswagen


    ➱ For exact compatibility please check our database on and set your filter to Gateway 300. The side-notes may contain important information; make sure you check all of them! All the listed head units you see will also be under DAB+U compatibility from now on and here you will see the following note 'K300 configuration is compatible only if Gateway 300 is installed into the car'.

    ➱ Please do not forget to use our new K300 configuration file! The file can be downloaded together with other configurations if you click on the below picture. Or you can get it directly from our compatibility database while browsing the DAB+U compatibilities.

    ➱ In case you would like to keep the USB functionality of the Gateway 300 you can also add the Connector port for DAB+U optional accessory (EXT2CP2).


    For the better understanding we also prepared a YouTube video with English subtitles check out its how-to now!

  • We would like to announce that the Dension Gateway Pro BT, Gateway 500S and Gateway 500S BT devices are being produced with the latest 0062 firmware version.

    Our DAB+G is available again with new DAB module, also supported by the latest update! DAB+G devices produced after W/Y 14/17 are compatible with our Gateway devices if their firmware version is up to 0062 or newer.

    The firmware is now also available on the support and product section of our website: CLICK HERE

  • For Dension not only developing and producing devices are important but to connect people to these products, let them have an insight and make them understand how they work. For such purposes we went all the way to Fulda, Germany and participated at a local event where car related topics were discussed. There our Dension staff provided on-site technical support, focusing mainly on our DAB and Compact BT devices. It was a great experience, sharing our knowledge while ensuring help to other participants. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • ​We have new compatibilities for our DAB+U device which provides a fully integrated DAB experience in your car. We have already developed over 60 configurations, each providing newer and newer compatibilities. This month we have launched new configurations for Dodge | Ford | Jaguar | Jeep | Opel | Subaru | Toyota | Volvo

    For compatibility check our free-to-access website at - just set the filters according to your preferences then input ‘DAB+U’ under the ‘Product group’ tab and you have all the matches listed.

    The configuration files are available through this LINK. Our online database is up-to-date and checked on weekly basis giving you the opportunity to stay informed about our new compatibilities.

  • We are continuously updating our product portfolio so let’s start this year with some great news regarding our DAB product line!

    Last year we ceased the production of our DAB+P device as its application became outdated. We decided not just to update the software itself but to completely renew the hardware too. And this year we have ended the production of our DAB+R device. This widely used remote controlled DAB solution was a great success but we were able to incorporate its features into our newest DAB products.

    We are proud to announce the new DAB+A (DAB+Application) and DAB+M (DAB+Mobile) devices!

    DAB+A (DBA1GEN) is controlled over BTLE by your phone's application (Android/iOS) or with an optional remote control. This replaces both the DAB+P and the DAB+R as it supports both usage.

    DAB+M (DBM1GEN) goes even further, besides all the features of the DAB+A it also acts as a hands free solution and can stream music over A2DP.

    For more information please head over to our Automotive products/wireless hands free solutions then DAB radio solutions.

  • It’s an important task for Dension to expand its boundaries, inform the world about our unique solutions and countless possibilities we can offer. For this purpose we visited Jakarta for the first time and had a great time connecting with curious and open-minded people. Our main goal was to look for distributors and resellers in Asia who would expand their portfolio with specialized Dension aftermarket solutions – the result was worth the trip! There was a great interest for our Gateway product line and our DAB solutions. Although digital radio just became available in the capital, still people are interested how to use this new technology. Dension is proud to be among the pioneers in Indonesia!

  • We are now introducing the Dension Compact BT device, our newest built-in hands free kit with wireless connection that will be surely a convenient and smart choice for anyone seeking comfort and entertainment in their car equipped with FM radio or AUX input.

    Check its features and specifications by clicking HERE. For the better understanding we also prepared a YouTube video with English subtitles which explains the device usage and installation step by step HERE.

    Connect the Dension Compact BT to your car audio system and feel the difference!

  • A partner conference is always a great way to bring the company and its partners closer together. Involving them in our current processes, discussing actual matters and finding answers together – both sides benefit of such events. And based on our partners’ feedbacks it was worth the effort! The partners could enjoy themselves for two whole days with the Dension staff while being provided quality care. We welcomed our guests with a get-together event on their arrival day to make them accustomed to our wonderful city and also to set a pleasant mood.  On the first day a conference and discussion section was held: we provided wide-ranged and informative presentations regarding our company’s latest activities, newest and most popular products, related marketing strategies, future ideas as well as current possibilities. The second day was meant to take some action on company grounds: the workshop was the perfect place to chat leisurely with our Dension staff while trying out actual products in-car and through our demo boxes. Thanks to this two days journey, we could learn many things from our partners which will be a great addition to our future plans!

  • As always we represented Dension at the annual WorldDAB assembly, sharing and receiving information on the future of digital radio. Among others, our in-car DAB+U device has an excellent reputation throughout Europe, thanks to its wide-ranged compatibility scale, it’s still a unique solution on the market.

    We are also working on new possibilities, how to expand while renewing our DAB portfolio. Thanks to events like WorldDAB, we can gather information fragments and feedbacks on market needs as well. There will be an announcement shortly on our progress, stay tuned!


  • We decided to create a simple and easy-to-use surface where you can access our full compatibility database. On the website you can search our database without boundaries. Now it became possible to find a solution for a specific car or check how many car brands and head units are compatible with an exact product or product version. After setting your specifications click on the list to see the picture of the head unit and all the notes relevant in case of the selected compatibility.

  • We’ve uploaded instructional videos onto our YouTube channel about our DAB+U product. The videos cover up instructions regarding the installation of DAB+U into the car, information about its usage with the factory head unit and also details concerning configuration, compatibility and firmware update.


    The DAB+U Digital Radio Receiver is a USB powered solution for receiving Digital Audio Broadcast in your car. Controlled through the car’s USB menu and the buttons of the head unit, it offers a convenient and easy usage for everyone. It is important to mention that each USB vary by car. In order to get optimal performance of buffering time and live streaming updating configuration file of DAB+U device might be needed. Since the different configurations are inevitable we created these videos to help you when guidance is needed.

    For more information on the product please check the following link:

    In the future we plan on adding new videos to our channel on monthly basis, so if you are interested in 'installation' and 'how to use' videos, we kindly suggest you to subscribe to our YouTube channel.


  • We’ve conducted major updates to our website which now better shows the field of technologies that are incorporated within our organization. On this new landing site you can get more information on our company, its history, its values and we’ll be providing news about new products and releases.

    Discover our full product portfolio, contact us online and visit our webshop, all in multiple languages.