New article about DAB+G and Gateway 500S in the Performance BMW magazine


Read the review article about the Gateway 500S and DAB+G in the Performance BMW magazine!

Bluetooth hands-free and digital radio adapter review in a BMW magazine

We have new compatibilities for the DAB+U!


It is a pleasure to let you know that we have new compatibilities for our DAB+U device! The Dension DAB+U is a unique solution on the market as it provides a fully integrated DAB experience in your car. There are two requirements for its usage:

  • You need to have a USB port in your car
  • You need to have a compatible head unit and the associated configuration file installed on the DAB+U device

We have already developed over 50 configurations, each providing newer and newer compatibilities!

This month we have launched new configuration for:

  • Mazda
  • Mercedes
  • Opel
  • Subaru
  • SsangYong
  • Toyota
  • Volvo
  • VW

You can download our compatibility PDF here

You can download the configuration files here