Why choose Dension

Hidden Installation
Our devices are designed to be installed hidden behind the radio or into the glovebox. Keep the original look of the interior and add new features discreetly.
Beautiful sound quality
Get the best possible sound quality from different audio sources. Enjoy your music whenever you would like!
Fully integrated
Use the factory controls of your car to manage music from external sources.
Configurable solutions
Different hardware and software solutions to get the best experience in your car.
Major OEM experience
More than 20 years of OEM automotive experience.
24 months warranty
For the entire hardware

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DAB+A (discontinued) THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE Universal DAB solution for iPhone and smartphone users! The Dension DAB+A enables digital radio in your car while making the control easy for you: via your phone or optionally with a remote controller for the full home experience. Update and install your device easily, manage DAB stations, [...]


The Dension DAB+U Digital Radio Receiver is a USB powered solution for receiving digital broadcast in your car or at home which works like a USB flash drive with mp3 files. We bring digital radio to your car, office or home, enjoy!