The Dension DAB+U Digital Radio Receiver is a USB powered solution for receiving digital broadcast in your car or at home which works like a USB flash drive with mp3 files. We bring digital radio to your car, office or home, enjoy!

Plug and play solution

Just connect the device to the USB and enjoy digital radio.

Menu based browser

Browse the radiostation as a content of a media drive with the original controls of your radio.

Premium sound quality

Hidden installation

Place the device into the glovebox or behind the radio and keep the original looking of the interior.


Use the radio specific configurations to get the best experience while listening Digital Radio.
Technical details
DAB, DAB+ and DMB-R standards are supported
Station following service
Traffic, News and the voice notifications
SMB antenna connector: Works with non-amplified and active antennas
Connects to a standard USB port, powered from USB
USB Passthrough with Connector Port(optional accessory)
Home or office use is also possible
Package contents
  • DAB+U device
  • USB A-A (Male to Male) connector
  • Power cable for active antenna with 2-pin micro-Fit
  • Installation accessories
Optional Accessories
  • Connector port for DAB+U (EXT2CP2)
  • Windscreen mount DAB antenna (DAB1ANT)
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