Gateway 500


The ultimate integration for digital system cars. iPod car adapter, iPhone car adapter and bluetooth car kit.

  • iPod in car. Play iPod and USB music devices through the car radio, using the car radio controls to browse and select items from your device.
  • Bluetooth car kit. Make and receive phone calls*, hands free, or stream music from your phone via Bluetooth
  • Play iPod video or DVD in the car’s original screen**
  • Display song information, phonebook and caller ID* in the car’s factory fitted original display
  • See phonebook information on your displays in the car and browse using the radio or steering wheel controls
  • Charge your iPod/iPhone while driving

Package contents:

  • Hardware
  • Power harness
  • Optical cable package
  • USB extension cable
  • iPod/iPhone dock cable
  • Aux-box
  • Installation and user manual

*With BTA1500 Bluetooth car  kit or ”Bluetooth iPhone Holder for Gateways
**Requires Audio Video Router (AVR) accessory and/or DVD source

Please note that the BTA1500 is discountinued. We recommend you to use the 'Bluetooth iPhone Holder for Gateway' if you plan to use the Gateway 500 as a handsfree kit.

How it works

Gateway 500 is a digital device, using fibre optic connections, which works with cars which use the MOST (Media Oriented System Transport) digital system to carry entertainment information around the car. These cars are predominantly the higher specification models of Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Porsche, plus some Aston Martin, Saab and Volvo models. Click on your car make to see if it is compatible. Once the Gateway 500 is installed, you can connect your iPod or USB and display it’s content on your vehicle screen. By adding the optional BTA 1500 module, your phone can be integrated, and with the AVR, you can control video input around different screens in the car, including iPod video. There are no extra boxes to stick on the dashboard, or unsightly cables trailing around the vehicle. The interior of your car looks exactly like it did the day you bought it, it just does a lot more.

Gateway 500 will also send all information to the display in your car, usually a screen, so you can always see exactly where you are, what’s playing, or who’s calling you. There are a few MOST audio systems which do not support text from the iPod, and for these we would recommend using a Gateway 500 Lite. For a list of these vehicles and details of the product, click here.

To download a user manual for your vehicle, click here.

More pictures:

Gateway 500 | iPod in Audi


Seamless Integration

Car information and entertainment systems can be complex networks, so Dension always recommends that you have your installation carried out by a qualified installer. To find a selection of suppliers and installers in your country/area, please click here.

The installation will vary slightly in different cars, but in each case, you will have either a cradle, or a dock cable to connect your iPod to. Your installer will ask and advise as to the best place to situate this in your vehicle. The Gateway itself is less than the size of a CD case and will be installed securely out of sight behind the dash. The only evidence of the unit will be the microphone for your hands free telephone calls. Dension products are all designed so that there is no need to cut cables.

To download the installation manual, click here.

More pictures :

Gateway 500 | Fitted | Install


Dension is creating solutions to connnect your iPod, USB mobil storage and any MP3 players to your original car stereo. You can also control your music device from your steering wheel and car head unit, and see your iPod and USB menu on your cars display.

Supports the following audio formats:
  • MP3
  • MPEG1 Layer 3 : 32; 44,1; 48 kHz (32 - 320kbps);
  • MPEG2 Layer 3 : 16; 22,05; 24 kHz (8 - 160kbps);
  • MPEG2.5 Layer 3 : 8; 11.025; 12 kHz (8 -160 kbps) from 96 kb/s to 320 kb/s;
  • MP3 Variable Bit Rate (VBR) (up to 320kb/s).
  • WMA 4 - 44.1 kHz at sample rates up to 320 kb/s. Except for DRM protected files.
  • WAV (16 bit, uncompressed PCM)
Not supported WMA formats:
  • WMA Pro
  • WMA lossless

Title File Note
All vehicle compatibility

Compability list of all cars and motorcycles in one pdf


Install guide
application/pdf iconGateway 500 install guide (D2B)

From 01.02.2008

application/pdf iconGateway 500 install guide (MOST)

From 22.05.2009

User guide
application/pdf iconGateway 500 user guide
application/pdf iconGateway 500 user guide
application/pdf iconLatest firmware (D2B)

Contains compatibility details and step by step instructions on how to update.

application/pdf iconLatest Firmware (MOST)

Contains compatibility details and step by step instructions on how to update.