Universal DAB solution for iPhone and smartphone users!


The Dension DAB+A enables digital radio in your car while making the control easy for you: via your phone or optionally with a remote controller for the full home experience. Update and install your device easily, manage DAB stations, save your favourites! Just download our DAB application and you’re set!

  • Invisible after installation
  • DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB standards are supported
  • Can be controlled via smartphone or remote controller (optional)
  • Easy favourite station management through our DAB application
  • Works through FM or AUX
  • Works with passive and active antennas
  • Phantom power support and external 12V output for antennas

App functionality

App controlled DAB device for your car? You got it!
Add DAB to your car but control it with your smartphone! Enjoy Digital radio to the fullest while driving and fuse your smartphone with our Dension DAB application to listen and manage your favourite DAB stations. Main features:


1. Manage stations
This is where the available DAB stations are listed in alphabetical order. You can even arrange a favourites list!

2. Now Playing
All the information here is sent by the currently played DAB broadcaster, additionally you can also see the station’s logo.

3. Setting the frequency
Here you can set frequencies manually or automatically then switch to the desired one with your radio.

4. Main menu
An easy to handle menu designed for car drivers.


  • Connects through the FM-transmitter or AUX


  • Controlled through our DAB application Android or iOS

  • Separate remote controller is also available as an option


  • Radio information is displayed via RDS radio text

Technical support

  • If you have any problems with your DAB+A please check the Dension Knowledge Base webpage!

Package contents

  • DAB+A device
  • Power harness
  • Power wire for active antenna (with 2-pin Micro-Fit) and installation accessories


Installation and First Time Use

Video about the installation and first time use of the Dension DAB+M and DAB+A. The car is a Volkswagen Golf 7 with Composition Media head unit


Install guide