Gateway Lite BT

Gateway Lite BT enables music playback from a USB storage or iPod/iPhone through your vehicle's entertainment system, using the buttons of the car stereo for basic control. This device comes with Bluetooth handsfree and music streaming.

Plug and play solution

Just connect to the back of your radio with the car specific harness.

Factory controls

Music playback with basic control from your car radio.
(next/previous track, next/previous playlist and folder)

Premium sound quality

Get the best possible music quality out of your sound system.

Hidden installation

Place the device into the glovebox or behind the radio and keep the original looking of the interior.

Handsfree calls

An easy and safe way to receive calls.
Technical details
  • Music playback with basic control (next/previous track, next/previous playlist and folder)
  • Hands free calling – calls can be accepted or rejected using radio or steering wheel buttons
  • Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP) with basic control (next/previous track)
  • Music playback from various sources
  • Control through steering wheel buttons (if available) or the head unit buttons
  • USB drive connection is added to your car
  • Text display on some compatible Toyota and most of the compatible MW models
  • AUX-in adds the possibility to connect external sound sources to your radio
  • Android devices can be connected via USB if ’Mass Storage Mode’ is available
  • For iPod/ iPhone connection additional 30-pin Dock Cable or Dension Lightning Adapter for Gateway is required
Package contents
  • Hardware
  • Car side harness (includes power cable) – enables glove box installation
  • Microphone for handsfree
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