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Vehicle Health Monitor

A complete hardware and software system helping car distributors and dealers increasing their work efficiency and reducing costs by automating the battery level monitoring of the entire car inventory.

Continuous battery level monitoring

Automatic battery level status reports from the cars with predefined timing

Logged battery history

Saved daily battery history of each car on stock for auditing

Automatic alerts

Immediate email alerts from cars having low battery

Browser based desktop and smartphone UI

Displaying car list with battery level and location details, supporting installation.

Very low power consumption

Significantly lower power consumption compared to opening the car and measuring manually.

Designed for car distributors and dealers

Optimized for measuring battery level of cars being mainly stationary
Technical details
  • Measurement dongle connectivity in car: OBD II, analog reading only without writing
  • Measurement dongle to hub connectivity: 2,4 GHz wireless
  • Hub wireless reception range on open air: 80 m
  • Multiple hubs on 1 site supported with wireless connection between the hubs
  • Hub to internet connectivity: Ethernet
  • Hub power supply: 110V-230V AC
  • Platform hosting by Dension
Package contents
  • OBD II voltage measurement dongle
  • Hub
  • Platform
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