Car Dock for iPhone


Universal iPhone car kit - Dock'n'Drive with Dension

  • Handsfree calls - Browse your phonebook safely and comfortably, and make handsfree calls by using the car speakers and the built-in microphone of the Car Dock.
  • Music via car speakers - Listen to iPhone music in the car as well as navigation, instructions, Internet radio or other app audio through the car speakers. Audio connection is plug-and-play via AUX-in or FM.
  • Windscreen or dash mount - Dock and remove your iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, 3GS or 3G by one hand in your car. The Car Dock can be mount on the windscreen or dash in horizontal or vertical position. Rotating is possible with a twist, even on the move.
  • iPhone charging - Charge from your 12V (cigar lighter) socket. Charging is provided up to 5V/1A to support heavy usage.
  • Free App - Drive while having Car Dock Mode App on your iPhone that provides a safe, comfortable and driver friendly user interface. The free App allows you to play music, make phonecalls and navigate in the car dimply and safely, while the premium version adds Car Finder and Internet Radio features.

The Dension car dock for iPhone is a custom designed cradle, which combined with the 'Car Dock' app (available from iTunes) enables you to make the most of your iPhone on the move. Dension Car Dock turns your iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, 3GS or 3G into a control centre for all your in car communication and entertainment needs.

The large touch screen icons of the Dension Car Dock Mode application makes it extremely easy to handle it in the vehicle.

Package contents:


  • CarDock for iPhone cradle
  • multi-axis micro holder
  • USB power cable for cigar lighter
  • USB-Power (cigar lighter plug)
  • dash mount sticker and plate
  • windscreen mount
  • auxiliary audio cable

How it works

It connects to the car audio system via a 3.5mm aux (small jack) cable or the built-in FM transmitter and plays your music, phone calls, navigation instructions, etc. through the car’s speakers. The built in microphone for handsfree telephone, keeps cabling down to a minimum.

Power is taken from the car via the 12V adaptor, but if the car ignition is turned off (e.g. with Start-Stop systems), the Car Dock remains operational.

The Dension Car Dock can be adjusted to the optimal position for the application in use (e.g. Horizontal for navigation, vertical for phonebook).

If the car kit is nit connected to the car, the Car Dock uses the iPhone speakers for audio.

The free Car Dock Mode app performs a driver friendly presentation of the following services:

  • Phone
  • Media player: iPod and Webradio
  • Maps: Google Maps, Car finder

The application provides larger than normal buttons, optional vibration and acoustic feedback and colour set-up to match your car interior.


The Car Dock for iPhone requires no special installation, it is a Plug & Play solution. The windscreen or dash mount can be easily and firmly fit to the desired position. The 12V adaptor connects to the 12V (cigar lighter) socket of the car, and the AUX connection (if used) plugs in to the AUX-in of the vehicle.

If the built-in FM transmitter is in use, you just need to set the same frequency on the car radio and the Car Dock. The transmission frequency of the Car Dock can be set in the Car Dock Mode app.

The free Car Dock Mode can be installed to the iPhone just like any other application from the iTunes App Store.


The Car Dock for iPhone is compatible with the following phone models:

  • iPhone 4s
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G

Car compatibility:

  • Any vehicle with an 12V (cigar lighter) socket.
  • Car dock can be connected to the Aux-input or as an FM transmitter


User guide
application/pdf iconCar Dock for iPhone Quick user manual


application/pdf iconCar Dock for iPhone Quick start quide

Available from 23.05.2011

application/pdf iconCar Dock for iPhone user quide

User Manual is available at here

Install guide
application/pdf iconCar Dock for iPhone install quide

Available from 08.03.2011