Bluetooth adapter - BTA1500


In Car Telephony

  • Make and receive calls handsfree in the car
  • Browse your phonebook (where the car has a display) and see your contacts on screen
  • Play MP3s from your phone through the car’s audio system
  • See call records (missed calls, last call etc.)
  • Pair up to five different phones

The BTA 1500 is a Bluetooth adapter that works with the Gateway 500 iPod/iPhone car adapter. It allows you to make hands free telephone calls, stream music from your phone and play it through the car radio. It also sends the information from your phone to the display in your car so that you can browse the phonebook, see who is calling you, and read information about call lists, all without having to touch the phone itself. The controls in the car can all be utilised e.g. iDrive (BMW), answer and hang up keys on the steering wheel (available on many compatible vehicles), MMi controller (Audi).

How it works

Control at your fingertips

Bluetooth technology is familiar to many people now, and the BTA 1500 bluetooth adapter connects in a similar way to most other Bluetooth devices. Search for new devices on your phone, select Dension-BTA and enter the PIN code (0000). Your phonebook will now transfer automatically.

If the car is fitted with telephone controls, these will still be operational, and/or you can use a multi function controller such as iDrive or MMi to browse or make calls. When a call comes in, the radio will mute, and the call will be heard through the car speakers*

*BTA will only operate when the entertainment system is in Gateway mode. If you are listening to the radio when a call comes in, simply select CD changer function, and your BTA will operate as described.

To download a user manual for your vehicle, click here.


Seamless Integration

Car information and entertainment systems can be complex networks, so Dension always recommends that you have your installation carried out by a qualified installer. To find a selection of suppliers and installers in your country/area, please click here.

The BTA 1500 bluetooth accessory module is smaller than the Gateway 500 iPod car adapter and there will be no visual evidence of it once installed. Dension products are all designed so that there is no need to cut cables.

To download the installation manual, click here.


Title File Note
All vehicle compatibility

Released: April 2011.


User guide
application/pdf iconMercedes Audio 20 quick start guide
application/pdf iconMercedes Command quick start guide
application/pdf iconBTA 1500 user guide

From 24.06.2009

Configuration files
application/pdf iconVolume Fix

Software patch for lost Microphone settings. Please make you have the latest version of the BTA1500

application/pdf icon+6dB

Volume will be increased by +6dB

application/pdf icon+3dB

Volume will be increased by +3dB

application/pdf icon0dB

Volume will return to factory default setting

application/pdf icon-3dB

Volume will be decreased by -3dB

application/pdf icon-6dB

Volume will be decreased by -6dB