ice>Link Lite


Easy iPod through the car radio

  • Listen to your iPod on your car radio
  • iPod charging
  • Wired connection to the Aux input of the radio
  • Simple, clip-on air vent mount
  • Automatic on/off detection and iPod charging
  • Reusable upon change of vehicle
  • Hard-wired solution for excellent sound quality

Not every car radio has a CD changer capability, but if yours has an ‘aux in’ function, you can still enjoy all the content of your iPod in great sound quality by fitting an Ice Link Lite. The product comes with a cradle to hold and charge your iPod, which can be easily fitted to the air vent.

How it works

Control at your fingertips

ice>Link Lite is a simple connector between your iPod and the car. It takes the audio signal from the iPod and delivers that directly to the Aux in of your car radio. Additionally it also provides charging for the iPod, without the need of an extra cable or charger.

The iPod sits in a cradle, which will charge it, and control of the iPod is in the normal way, via the click wheel or touch screen (iPhone, iTouch).

To download a user manual for your vehicle, click here.


Seamless Integration

Car information and entertainment systems can be complex networks, so Dension always recommends that you have your installation carried out by a qualified installer. To find a selection of suppliers and installers in your country/area, please click here.

The cradle has a simple damage free air vent clip for installation in the vehicle. The Ice Link module itself is less than the size of a CD case and will be installed securely out of sight behind the dash. Dension products are all designed so that there is no need to cut cables.

To download the installation manual, click here.


Ice Link Lite can be fitted to any vehicle with an auxiliary input.


Install guide
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ice>Link Lite Install Guide

User guide
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ice>Link Lite User Guide