Gateway Lite is a fully integrated, invisible solution that allows you to use your iPod, iPhone, Smartphone, USB and AUX devices in the car without changing the car interior.


  • Music playback with basic control (next/previous track, next/previous playlist and folder)
  • Music playback from various sources
  • Control through steering wheel buttons (if available) or the head unit buttons
  • USB drive connection is added to your car
  • Text display on some compatible Toyota and most of the compatible BMW models
  • AUX-in adds the possibility to connect external sound sources to your radio
  • Android devices can be connected via USB if ’Mass Storage Mode’ is available
  • For iPod/ iPhone connection additional 30-pin Dock Cable or Dension Lightning Adapter for Gateway is required


  • iPhone

    • Lightning (with optional accessory)
    • 30-pin
    • AUX-in
  • iPod

    • Lightning (with optional accessory)
    • 30-pin
    • AUX-in
  • USB drive

    • USB
  • AUX-in

    • AUX-in

Package contents

  • Hardware
  • Car side harness (includes power cable) – enables glove box installation


Install guide

User guide


Contains compatibility details and step by step instructions on how to update.

Configuration files