Webradio FM


Dension Audio Systems Ltd. has ceased the production and distribution of the Webradio (IRD10GEN) and Webradio FM (IRF10GEN) products.

It might be the case that

  • you have different taste than all the FM radio DJ-s
  • your favourite radio station does not broadcast where you are driving
  • you are hungry for news or documentary from a different country or in a different language

Wouldn't it be nice if you could listen to your favourite radio stations anywhere you go?

  • I mean even in the car…
  • I mean even online broadcasting…

Yes, we have solved it!

Did you know that actually you can use a 3G mobile as a modem? And have a Bluetooth connection with the Dension Webradio? This way you can have interenet connection for your Dension Webradio.
Or if you have a 3G modem with mobile internet subscription that can also provide an Interenet connection since you can simply plug it into the Dension Webradio.
Than what else do you need? Oh, yes, the Dension Webradio FM!
You have probably heard about the Dension Webradio but it is definitely not all we can do for webradio fans! Dension thought of those as well who have no USB connection in their car and developed the new and innovative Webradio FM.
Dension Webradio FM is a Plug & Play internet radio solution. It is an in-car internet radio device that works as a precision engineered FM transmitter so you need nothing else but your existing car audio and this little device.

How it works

Tune your radio to the FM frequency displayed by the Webradio FM. In case of interference with another station, a new frequency is selected by a press of a button.

Select the internet radio station you want to listen to from the Webradio FM, which is then sent to your radio. Station information is shown on the LCD display.


Dension is working with TuneIn to provide access to Internet Radio. You simply log on to www.tunein.com and register your WebradioFM as a device. You can then select your preferred MP3 or WMA format internet radio stations on the configuration page. Alternatively you can use the buttons and display of the device for this.

Plug the WebradioFM into the 12V (cigar lighter) socket and pair it with your Bluetooth 3G phone or insert a 3G USB modem. Your preselected radio stations will be available and can be selected and controlled from the device.



User guide
application/pdf iconWebradio FM manual